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Mindfulness, Breath, Movement & Soul

We offer a wide variety of yoga practices from slow and mindful to intense and flowing. Heated (warm & hot) and candlelight versions of each class type are offered.

Soul Flow: This Vinyasa-style yoga class focuses on harmonizing breath with movement. Our instructor will lead you in a continuous flow where body, breath and mind are consciously synchronized, refined, and unified.

Soul Power: This class is designed to build strength and balance. Our instructor will take you through a sequence of strength poses, each held longer to target and sculpt the specific muscle group.

Soul Restorative:  This class focuses on deep stretching and mindfulness, and is the perfect time to lengthen, stretch, and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. This class is for everybody...learn to slow down and connect deeply within. Great for those who cross train in various sports.

Soul Beginnings: New to yoga or looking for a relaxing yoga flow? This class is for you! Our instructors will break down the foundational yoga poses and guide you through a sequence of moves to build strength and confidence.

Soul Advancement: This class flows with a quicker pace, additional poses, balance challenges, and optional inversions that take your practice to the next level.

Break for Yoga: This 30-minute flow yoga class is the perfect fit if you are crunched for time. We’ll tap into full body movement and breath, leaving you recharged and ready to take on the rest of your day. Don’t be fooled by the shorter time frame…this class will also have you breaking a sweat in no time!

Athletic Restorative: This yoga class fuses Yin Yoga and Flow Yoga in a manner designed to restore the tight muscles and relieve the joint pain of an athletic or stiff body. Runners, golfers, cyclists, weight lifters, and even desk workers who are looking to gain flexibility, improve balance, relieve tension, ease back pain, improve joint functionality and build core strength will greatly benefit from incorporating this class into their fitness routine. Each week will focus on stretching and stabilizing a specific muscle group(s). Props are added for maximum comfort and ease. No previous yoga experience is required. Restore your muscles and find enhanced body performance at your yoga mat!

General Information

Our classes are for everyone! Instructors will guide you every step of the way and offer modifications to accommodate all fitness levels.

Classes at Soul Haven are set to a unique range of music playlists designed by each instructor to take you deeper into your practice and enrich your experience.

We offer heated versions of various classes, both warm(85+) & hot (98+), that leave your practice feeling rejuvenated and cleansed.

What to Bring:

Yoga mat

Water bottle

Towel (optional)