Supportive, intentional, nurturing

Prenatal Soul Glow:

We are here for you mamas to be! Because breath serves as the most powerful motivator for a healthy, happy birth, we bring it to the forefront in this Vinyasa-Hatha style prenatal practice. By linking yoga asana with breath and movement, mamas to be will ease the mind, nurture the body, and uplift the spirit, as well as share all of these wonderful benefits with baby. The ultimate purpose of this practice is to prepare each mother for a comfortable and empowered birth through connection to breath, strengthening the ever changing body, and easing the discomforts often associated with pregnancy. Strengthen pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid digestion, and enhance overall comfort during this blessed time of transformation. Because pregnancy is more than carrying a baby, this class is more than simply movement with breath. Prenatal Soul Glow is a safe and supportive community, aimed to nourish and nurture you along your journey into motherhood. Each class is consciously crafted to support each mother throughout the entirety of her pregnancy; many props and variations will be offered to facilitate greater comfort during each trimester. Each practice will conclude with a luxuriously lengthened savasana, allowing a sweet opportunity to reconnect with baby.

What to Bring:

Yoga mat

Water bottle

Towel (optional)